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Zeiberbude is an p.o.s. program for cyber-cafes. it was writen for a cafe with the same name. you can find the page of this cafe under

With Zeiberbude you can control easily the access to the computer in your cafe. The price is computed automatically for the used time of the customer.

These prices can naturally define you in any number of rates themselves.

Further you know any number of additional products, as Snacks and drinks define, which can add you simply on the account of the customer.


* An independent timer for each customer in your cafe;
* Any number of computers;
* The computers can be arranged in any number of groups;
* Any number of rates;
* Every rate can contain an independent Happy Hour;
* Software-Clients for X11, M$ Windows 9.x (98 up) and M$ Windows NT based sytems;
New Client available, look at the News

* Printfunctions for documents created with the free DTP program Scribus (;
* Lead a cash book to the daily and monthly account;

Existing translations for zeiberbude are:

* German
* English
* Espaniol


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